Neighborhood Watch

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“Know-See Neighbors” are taking to the streets in an effort to reduce home intrusions and other crimes.

While there are not an inordinately large number of crime incidents in Oak Hills compared to similar neighborhoods, even one is too many. The OHCA Safety and Security Committee recruited volunteers to attend the San Antonio Police Department Citizens on Patrol training. These residents are joined by several others patrolling the neighborhood on the alert for suspicious persons, vehicles and activities.

The patrols are showing results! In the short time we’ve been patrolling, volunteers assisted the police in finding a lost elderly woman and returned two lost dogs.

All Oak Hills residents are encouraged to be Know-See neighbors by being on the alert for suspicious activities such as:

  • Individuals walking the neighborhood with no apparent purpose
  • Vehicles cruising the neighborhood
  • Persons sitting in idle vehicles with no apparent purpose

Suspicious activities should be reported to the police non-emergency line at 207-7273.

If you would like to become a Citizen on Patrol volunteer, visit C.O.P.

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