Commitee: Debra Fryatt, Julie Camarillo, Reagan Tucker, Kay Keane and Nicole Adair

PAWS is a pet program that aims to help Oak Hills residents keep their furry friends safe. In 2023 the committee voted to work on a pet registry to include photos of OHCA resident’s pets and contact information for safe return. More information about the registry will be provided in the coming months.

Lost Pets

OHCA residents are encouraged to post PAWS Facebook page if they see an animal who needs help or suspect they might be lost.

Abandoned Animals – Spay and Neuter Programs

There simply are not enough homes for all the pets born in this area each year. The only solution is spaying and neutering.

Ferral Cats

There are many feral cats roaming our neighborhood. Those that have been spayed or neutered will have their left ear tipped. If you have compassion for abandoned cats and want to care for them (feeding and water), we might be able to help humanely trap them so that they can get spayed/neutered and a rabies vaccine.We partner with the San Antonio the Feral Cat coalition, a nonprofit organization, who are dedicated to humanely reducing the feral and stray cat overpopulation through their trap-neuter-return program (TNRP). If you don’t want to care for cats but help them get care, call the coalition at 210-877-9067 or visit their website.


Many residents provide foster care for dogs until they can be rehomed.

Help as a Volunteer

If you have a heart for animals, we would love to have you on the committee. As a member, you may be asked to help trap a cat or provide food and supplies to a resident to provide temporary care to a pet waiting to be adopted or picked up. For more information, or to report a lost or found pet, email us or visit our Facebook page.