PAWS Updates Summer 2023

Five things to remember:
1. The Fourth of July can be a scary time for pets – keep them locked in when the fireworks are on display!

2. Our Oak Hills Wildlife is braving the summer heat too – set a water bowl outside to help these creatures stay cool!

3. PSA: PLEASE SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS!! Read below for why it’s so important.

4. PAWS is a volunteer-based organization so we are always in need of helping hands with small tasks like feeding feral cats to big asks like helping as a foster. Read on for ways to help!

5. Donations are a big help to help with the supplies and support needed to care of animals that are often dumped in our green belt park or are lost and need food while we locate their owners.

Did You Know…

  • Within seven years, one single pair of unfixed cats and their offspring can produce up to 420,000 kittens.

PLEASE, PLEASE spay and neuter your pets, especially those who may wander outdoors.   This is of particular importance for those of us who feed outdoor (feral /community) cats!  

Please contact PAWS for assistance with Trap, Neuter, Return or check out the numerous resources at both the Humane Society ( and the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition (   It takes the whole community working together to keep our Oak Hills neighborhood cats fed and fixed 
While on this subject PAWS is seeking forever homes for 4 kittens – their mother is due to be spayed this week so there will be no more litters from her but in the meantime…..2 kittens are solid black, one is black and white and one resembles a Siamese mix.   Unfortunately, they are not fans of being models but here is the best I could do!  

Please contact us for further details if you are interested:, 210-860-1174.

Did you also know………not only are we a haven for urban wildlife here in Oak Hills but we are also fortunate enough to be located very close to the San Antonio location of Wildlife Rescue & Rehab.  They have a plethora of information on their website  I recommend reading their online brochures about Living with Urban Wildlife and Tips for Coexisting with Deer.   This is the organization to contact for assistance and advise when dealing with a wildlife emergency such as an injured wild animal.

Applause for PAWS:
A positive update on our most recent little Oak Hills PAWS stray “Freddy”, who was found wandering on Oakridge Dr  found his forever home and is living his best life – after neutering and vetting and being fostered “Freddy” was adopted and is now “Cody”.  A Happy Ending for all involved.

Many thanks to all neighbors who assist Oak Hills animals in need in so many ways.   Donations are most appreciated!!


Debra Fryatt

PAWS Committee