Oak Hills has conditions, covenants, and restrictions,  which help keep our neighborhood aesthetically pleasing.  The 2004 National Association of Realtors “profiles of home buyers and sellers” report that the number one factor influencing neighborhood choice is neighborhood quality.  These guidelines help maintain property values.  Well designed and thoughtful use of the land allows our homes to coexist with the environment, and not be thrust upon it. Homes live in harmony with the rolling hills that surround us. By enforcing the covenants you’ll have the satisfaction of helping preserve irreplaceable suburban living surrounded by urban sprawl. Our covenants were written in several pieces called “units”.  As the neighborhood was built, a new unit would be formed and covenants written. Not all areas of our neighborhood are the same. These documents were written many years ago and need to be refreshed.  It is a huge project that the members of the code committee continue to work on.

OHCA ByLaws:  Amended Sept. 2013

Subdivision Summary

The Oak Hills neighborhood was initially developed by V.F. Buchek and Associates on 170 acres of the T. C. Frost ranch. The neighborhood is divided into units bounded by Fredericksburg Rd./Babcock Rd./Callaghan Rd./Oak Hills Country Club/ N.W. Loop 410. The plats recorded for each subdivision unit include covenants and restrictions for building and development on each of the respective lots. These plats and covenants may be viewed on the Bexar County Clerk website.

The plat for Oak Hills Subdivision Unit 1 was filed by Oak Hills Development Co. and recorded on May 17, 1955 (Vol. 3700 pg. 32). This unit is bounded by Fredericksburg Rd./Callaghan Rd./NW Loop 410 and the park along Woodlake. A San Antonio Light newspaper article dated May 1, 1955 announced the opening of the subdivision. The first home was built by Jimmie Smart at 318 Lakeridge.

Oak Hills – Unit 1 Covenants

The plat Oak Hills Subdivision Unit 2 was filed by Oak Hills Homesites, Inc. and recorded on August 9, 1955 (Vol. 3700 pg. 97). This unit is bounded by Edgevale/NW Loop 410/Glencrest/Callaghan Rd. An article in the San Antonio Light dated October 7, 1956 highlights a Gilbert E. Kinder home at 106 Bluehill dubbed the “Cabana”. The home featured central air conditioning and an outdoor area designed for entertaining around a pool. Another San Antonio Light article dated March 3, 1957 highlights a two-story home built by Doug Sanders on 226 Lakeridge.

Oak Hills – Unit 2 Covenants

Oak Hills Subdivision Unit 3 plat was filed by Terry Thrift, Jr. Inc. and recorded on March 1, 1961 (Vol. 4305 pg. 99 & Vol. 4500 pg. 218 & 219. This subdivision is located on the north side of Callaghan Rd.

Oak Hills – Unit 3 Covenants

Oak Hills Subdivision Unit 4 was filed by LBD Development Company, Inc. and recorded on June 13, 1962 ( Vol. 4773 pg. 557 and Vol. 4781 pg. 504). This unit is generally bounded by NW Loop 410/Fawnridge/Laurelhill/Oakridge. The covenants for this subdivision include restrictions on tree heights on certain lots and prohibitions on two story homes on specified lots.

Oak Hills – Unit 4 Covenants

Oak Hills Subdivision Unit 5 was filed by LBD Development Company, Inc. and recorded on March 1, 1965 (Vol. 5140 pg. 188). The unit encompasses lots along Lazyridge, Crestridge, Sylvanoaks and Southpoint Dr. This unit includes some restrictions on two story homes on specified lots.

Oak Hills – Unit 5 Covenants

Oak Hills Subdivision Unit 8 was filed by LBD Development Company, Inc. and recorded on March 30, 1965 with covenants similar to the general restrictions common to other Oak Hills subdivisions (Vol. 5329 pg 196). This unit includes the lots on Glencrest bounded by Oakridge and Callaghan Rd.

Oak Hills subdivision Unit 11 was filed by Robert Olson and executed on April 19, 1979 with covenants similar to the general restrictions common to other Oak Hills subdivisions (Vol. 8085 pg. 387). This unit includes lots on Shady Oak, Sylvanoaks and Lazyridge.

Oak Hills – Unit 11 Covenants

The plats and covenants for Oak Hills Units 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 were not discovered at the time this summary was prepared. Please contact us if you have a copy of these covenants.

Prepared by John Moore, 2/20/2012